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Cast Therapy Kit - Trim and Tone Waistline

Cast Therapy Kit - Trim and Tone Waistline

Product Information

Gessotherapy or Slimming Cast Kit 

The esthetic cast therapy is a revolutionary beauty alternative design to lose inches in the abs, legs and arms. This treatment can be used to lose inches, tone, eliminate cellulite and combat saggy skin found in the abs, thighs and arms with the use of the appropriate fiber size.  

 In addition to losing inches, the treatment also, nurtures and beautifies the skin.  It is a natural non-invasive technique where the cast traps body heat while promoting the reducing action of all the therapy components.  The absorption action takes about 8 hours to complete while on the second phase of the treatment the reduction, toning and molding action take place.  This part is dependent upon the length of time the cast is kept on, which means that the longer the cast is kept in place the better the results.  The fibers are made up of natural ingredients such as mineral salts, algae, collagen gotu kola, caffeine and other important extracts.  

The components contribute the reducing action of the treatment while the cast is responsible for reducing, molding and toning the treated area.   In other words, the heat produced by the components opens the pores, increases the blood flow and stimulates the metabolic action of the human body to liberate toxins and fat cells.

Visible results are observed with every session.   Based on our experience, clients attain and average loss of 5 to 10 inches from the waist line after five (5) sessions.  However, the results vary on every individual and most results are contingent upon the following factors: number of sessions, duration of the treatment (length of time the treatment is kept on), and the eating habits of the person. The treatment can be used in the abs, arms and thighs.  However, the esthetic cast kit therapy is designed to be used in one particular area at a time, which means that in order to obtain visible and maximum results in a particular area it is recommended that all kit materials be utilized in the abs, thighs or arms at a time.  

The kit includes 4 fiber rolls (15 ft. total), 8 oz. slimming gel and gloves.  The kit allows for 4 different applications or sessions.  As long as the waist line is no greater than 36” you will only utilize one (1) roll per application when working on the abs.  Otherwise, you may need additional fiber to compensate the excess waist line.  A weekly application is recommended.  The kit is design to conduct 4 sessions in one (1) month period.

Cada Kit Incluye: 4 rollos de fibra (60 pies), Gel reductor (8 oz.) y guía  de aplicación.
Moldee su figura y elimine flacidez.  Nuestra fibra lipolítica es ideal para tratamientos de 8 horas y de 10 días.   
La fibra lipolítica o tratamiento de yeso es un proceso natural mediante el cual  la fibra moldea y adelgaza la figura provocando la pérdida PERMANENTE de la grasa localizada. El proceso funciona mediante la acción calórica producida por las propiedades de las fibras que atrapan el calor corporal, aumentan la acción reductora y regeneran los tejidos.   Las fibras están compuestas por sal mineral, algas marinas y otros componentes naturales.
  • No afecta tus actividades diarias. Puede dormir, trabajar, estudiar, ir de compras, guiar, etc.
  • Se puede aplicar en el abdómen, muslos, brazos
  • Disminuye y evita la formación de estrias
  • Elimina la celulitis
  • Combate la flacidez
  • Mejora la figura y  postura
  • Ayuda a liberar las toxinas
  • Mejora la circulación
  • Aumenta la fibra muscular
  • Estimula la producción de colágeno


Oferta válida mientras duren!!!!

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